“Between lands” is a short film exploring the complex nostalgia and uncertain sense of belonging of Christian Goue, an Ivorian filmmaker and photographer returning to his hometown after years. With an unscripted narrative and a poetic voice over, the film reveals christian’s personal experience interacting with his hometown as an artist that creates his own cultural identity through visual storytelling (as an immigrant in Canada and an expatriate in ivory coast). The film seeks to share christian’s experience and relate it to other expatriate.


Production Company: OURHQ Studios
Producer: Christian Goue
Director: Christian Goue
Director Of Photography: Julian Thomas
Post-Production Supervisor: Yann Loïc Kieffoloh
Concept Development: Hannah Gerber
Montage | Sound Design: Christian Goue
Extra Sound Design & Mix: Esperance at Voodoo Prod.
Music: Luke Antecio; Super Rail Band
Poem & Voice-Over (French): Christian Goue
Voice-Over (English): Yann Loïc Kieffoloh
Distribution Manager: Malindi Kindrachuck


Laetitia Zokou
Christian Goue