“Between Lands” is a short documentary film exploring complex nostalgia and uncertain sense of belonging to a place. The film looks at what happens when age defines our path and memories are all we have.


Production Company: OURHQ Studios
Producer: Christian Goue
Director: Christian Goue
Director Of Photography: Julian Thomas
Post-Production Supervisor: Yann Loïc Kieffoloh
Concept Development: Hannah Gerber
Montage | Sound Design: Christian Goue
Extra Sound Design & Mix: Esperance at Voodoo Prod.
Music: Luke Antecio; Super Rail Band
Poem & Voice-Over (French): Christian Goue
Voice-Over (English): Yann Loïc Kieffoloh
Distribution Manager: Malindi Kindrachuck


Laetitia Zokou
Christian Goue