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©Michael Nguyen


Montreal based director and photographer with an appreciation for design, art, and culture, Christian Goue is a Producer, Chief Creative Officer and Co-founder of OURHQ Studios, a media production company that specialize in films, branded contents, music videos and commercials. Through OURHQ Studios, Christian developed a fully equipped, creative platform from which artists can create outstanding work for world leading companies.

As a visual storyteller born and raised in Ivory Coast, Christian describes his creations as the reflexion on his relationship with western culture. Drawn to a minimal aesthetic, he aspires to find ways to portray imagery through simplicity and thoughtful design.

As co-founder and creative leader of OURHQ Studios, Christian designed a unique creative vision for the company by representing a wide range of talented visual artists and by producing various projects such as branded documentary, short film, photographic campaign and music video. He provided the studio a strong business network by building partnership with various communication agencies, record labels, brands and media production equipments suppliers.

Christian’s clients include Adidas, CBC/ Radio Canada, Red Bull, Converse, Footlocker, Tourism Montreal, Vélo Quebec, Altitude Sports and more.


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